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 Post subject: Stocking Cichlids...A hard thing to do with some keepers
PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, 2008 3:41 pm 
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Cichlids are mostly or all agressive fish.Some cichlids such as angelfish,rams,discus , and severums are generaly on the peacful side in the cichlid family.Most cichlids from south america grow over 8 inches that makes them hard to keep in a standard aquarium.Cichlids from africa fight for teritorry but do not grow to large but frontosas get pretty large.
When Stocking a south american cichlid tank you should start with your tank size.A 75 gallon (275 liters) is great for most south american cichlids. Here are some good stockings for cichlids in a 75...

1. 2 Oscars 1 Jack Dempsey 1 Fire Mouth Cichlid
2. 1 Pike ( Cichlid ) 2 Fire Mouth Cichlids 1 Jack Dempsey
3. 5 Discus 3 Angelfish 5 German Rams
4. 3 Severums 1 Fire Mouth Cichlid
5. 1 Red Devil ( Red Devils are best kept alone because of high agression )

When Stocking a african cichlid tank the longer is the better.Africans are best kept with fish from there native lakes ( Malawi,Tayganika,Victoria ). Africans need to have an equal amount of retreat shelters when scared.If there is one cave they most likely will fight for it. Im not a expert on africans but the minumin size for africans should be a 55 gallon or can be kept in small groups in anything under.
A lot of people like mixing cichlids but this is not very good for each other.A oscar may not like the high alkaline in a african cichlid aquarium.A lab may not like the acid in a oscar tank.
Hope my information helps you own your cichlid keeping.

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